The Journey Begins

4 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. U r blessed with the realization of unethical world surrounding us with never curable layer.
    Thanks for the awareness.
    It was outstanding

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  2. I agree. This is one of the reason why MUN system must be inculcated further into the education system . As an MUNner, I understand these things and remain less blinded. The public must speak up , true.
    That is happening but corruption is something that happens under the table, it is like an invisible pothole or parasite . Improvement and creation of espionage networks working towards this cause is what must be recommended. and also better handling of finances and other corruption prone sectors..
    I-T raids on random tip-offs are turbulences to
    the system.
    AI can be used towards anticorruption sectors too.
    (Oops …mini blog created)+_+

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