Corruption : Is it a curable epidemic

Corruption is the plague of the living in the 21st century. It arouse as a direct consequence of the current life race system, not everyone plays it fair that is where the evil possession of our minds creep in and loophole a fully functional system with unstable flaws. It is just like bed bugs in yours bed.

The main question appealing to the common public like myself is how is this unstablity affecting my daily working schedule or routine.

The answers lie in front but yet look so deep for the sleeping public.

Gaining Posts out of a person’s capability is a clear indication of a potential tampered system.

In these cases, the public shall learn to use its rights and not leave as mere fact of existence for children to learn about at school.

Corruption doesn’t happen because of power. It happens because of sleeping public.

Power is nothing but a hierarchy of roles which is obtained and is used to function a system but when misused and snatch the bread and butter of a common man.

It is our duty to throw away and not tolerate the despotism done by these unfair players.

Every disease has a cure and in this case the cure is the cause. It is the public.

When will we ever learn to rise up and speak against the unfair. When will we ever stop blaming life and start analysing our surroundings to make sure the loophole was not our luck but the unfair players.

If you are reading this till here and then now probably know awareness and use of the given education is the only mean of the cure.

People in this world are talking about war, power, politics and nuclear weapons perhaps but sadly have you noticed is anybody talking about us public. The answer is no one .

Always remember a king is nothing without it’s people.

I don’t speak stats. I speak people ie. Common people and if you are out there rolling your eyes on this very blog. You have to realize you are a person residing on planet and a part of the common people and nothing makes you more powerful than that.

We have to reachout the message and open people eyes who have unseen the most seen and cure this world or on this part probably we end up being stone men again.

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